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On-Going Courses

Minds to Markets: Creative Entrepreneurship

Taught by: Harvey Fiser, PhD

Minds to Markets: Creative Entrepreneurship.

Environmental Ethics in Yucatan

Taught by: Kristen Brown PhD

In this course we travel to some of Yucatán’s most beautiful colonial cities, eat delicious local foods and explore rarely visited natural habitats. At Kaxil Kiuic located in the PUUC region, students learn about the Kaxil ruins and forest. How did the Maya live here? How is the forest so well? A course about human relationships to ecosystems in Yucatán will not be complete without visits to the second longest barrier reef on Earth and the nearby beaches of Isla Mujeres.

In this course students will:

Kristen Golden is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Peace and Justice Studies Program at Millsaps College. She teaches courses on Philosophy of Happiness, Philosophy of Violence, Environmental Ethics and more. She is passionate about being in nature, and sharing her love of helping to keep it well!

Gods and Chocolate

Taught by: James E. Bowley, PhD

Everyone in the world seemingly knows and loves chocolate, but how did that happen?  In this course we will explore the history of chocolate in the land of its beginnings.  Moving from Yucatecan Maya temples to the history of Europeans in the land until today, this course will deal with chocolate, of course, and history, religion, and anthropology!  (And can be credited for all 3!).  We’ll see beautiful vistas, swim in the ocean, cenotes, and pools, and enjoy every minute of learning and exploring!

It’s a fascinating story of nature, religion, conquest, technology, trade, and exploitation, and we’ll see it all in the fascinating and beautiful land and culture of Yucatan.

We’ll spend 11 days in the Yucatan, visiting temples, museums, beaches, the Millsaps Bioreserve, and we’ll eat plenty of chocolate. And of course New Year’s in Mexico!

James E Bowley has led many trips to the Yucatan and has been a Religious Studies professor at Millsaps for 19 years.

Writing in Place

Taught by: Liz Eagan PhD

“Write what you know”—or so the saying goes. Traveling abroad enhances a creative writer’s craft not only by expanding the boundaries of what is known, but also by creating unique opportunities to discover and practice writing techniques.

We’ll investigate and question the “rules” of storytelling, meet local Yucatecan writers, and unearth the stories archaeological sites, museum galleries and crowded marketplaces can tell us.

In this course students will:

The Living Maya

Taught by: Eric Griffin PhD

Dr. Eric Griffin has been teaching regularly in Millsaps’s “Living in Yucatan” Summer Program since 2004; he also directs the College’s semester-in-Yucatan program.

A scholar of the Renaissance and the Colonial Americas, the courses Dr. Griffin teaches, often in tandem with Dr. Tomás Gallareta, typically focus on the early contact period, including the enduring environmental effects of the Columbian Exchange and the Spanish Conquest on Yucatecan culture.

Spanish Yucatan Exchange

Taught by: Judith Caballero PhD

Find the details of this course here very soon.